05600? Broad minded ? or Broadband ?

Customers and suppliers of AMC Marketing Services will shortly be seeing a strange new number appearing on their caller id. The number will prefix 05600 but receivers need not be alarmed about tariif charges as the calls will be the same as current 0161 numbers.

The 05600 prefix is being allocated to the new generation of Voip numbers. AMC Marketing are part of the new generation of companies taking advantage of broadband telephony that routes calls through the Broadband service.

'We took a long hard look at the way we communicate and do business at the end of 2005 and decided that we had too many fixed lines and weren't getting enough from our Broadband. A plethora of new products were coming was and the information and support of Lancashire Digital Agency and BT Local Business helped us make the right decisions for our business and more importantly our customers', said Mark Carlton, Director of AMC Marketing Services Limited.