Brooklands Lacrosse lets AMC 'Have a Good Day'

AMC Marketing are used to dealing with unusual requests from clients - that goes with the territory. But one recent request caused more problems than most. This was a request by a client to undertake some Telephone Mystery Shopping into the USA with Americans making the calls. Most people wouldn't understand the differences between American English and English but there are many.

Now you'd think that wouldn't be a problem in Manchester, a city with an International Airport and a massive University population, but all requests fell on deaf ears.

And, then after much soul searching, AMC Director Annmarie Carlton remembered that Brooklands Lacrosse Club usually brought over American coaches on secondment for a year.

Development Director Richard Summers was a little confused with the request for 'American speakers' but was able to offer the services of his two American college coaches who had just returned from some travelling in Europe.

Erin Acona and Sean Crowley, pictured below, stepped up to the mark. The results of their efforts will be heard at an International Aftersales Conference at the start of May.